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With great sadness i received word, that Lutz Fellmuth, founder of NEW-CONNECTION-MODELS has passed away.

This sad incident happened on his birthday last year in November.

Lutz was a well known military expert, as model-manufacturer way ahead of his time, my mentor in resin production and most of all he was my good and dear friend for over 20 years.

Hiss loss is a big one, for his family and his friends and especially for me.

Lutz was allways a happy, humorous guy; his jokes legendary. He was a story teller with a great and kind heart.

In the modeling community he was one of the best! He often helped me with his expertise or his network in the business.

Without him, there would be no Kraut-Kits today. Many plastic models only exist, because he and his team made the effort of releasing it in resin, in excellent quality, first.

Lutz, my good and dear friend,

may you now rest at a better place, drink a nice cold beer and have many of your beloved cats around you.

You will be missed.

I am just starting to realize the dimension, your loss means to me.

You were a true friend. A real friend.

I will never forget you.

Rest in piece!